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Business is built on good relationships

Today, we can say without a doubt, that our success depends not only on the quality of our products/services, but also on the relationship of trust we have built up over the years with our suppliers and customers.

When we started this adventure, we were far from imagining the success we would achieve. This success was only possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Group’s employees and the good human relationships we have created with our customers.

The Paka Group, and more precisely Paka Robotics, has made a name for itself in the national market in recent years when it comes to automated and innovative solutions for industry in general.

More than a supplier, Paka Robotics aims to be your ideal business partner for industrial automation solutions.

Our main objective is to implement the most appropriate solution for the client, always providing a personalized service. We offer a complete service, from design to production, installation and after-sales service.

On a daily basis, we invest in a close relationship with our customers, always working in collaboration with them to develop innovative and functional solutions, seeking to add value to our clients’ businesses, increasing their efficiency and, consequently, their results.

Our client MCG – Manuel Conceição Graça, Lda., a contract manufacturer of products and solutions in the metal industry, based in Carregado, Portugal, is a good example of the good business relationships we have, as it has always placed its full trust in our capabilities, right from the start.

“After MCG demonstrated the necessary trust and openness in PAKA and its skills for new investments, the execution and industrialization of various robotic welding solutions took place, with the partnership established and existing between both companies.
In this way, a resistance welding line has already been industrialized as part of the new Volkswagen T-Roc SUV project and subsequently replicated, as well as a MIG/MAG welding cell to meet MCG’s needs for various other projects in its “Non-Automotive” component, making various PAKA synergies and skills available to MCG, always with the aim of mutual assistance capable of generating new projects that will enable both companies to grow in a sustained and competitive way in the market they occupy and compete with the most diverse competitors.”

– Sílvio Valente, Paka Robotics

“Over the last four years, PAKA has proved to be a reliable partner for MCG when it comes to implementing robotic welding solutions. It is an ambitious company that progresses on the basis of the knowledge of its employees, with the flexibility and much-needed support that a company like MCG needs. More recently, PAKA has provided MCG with unparalleled assistance on a project in the automotive sector, which will mean a positive leap forward in MCG’s offer to its customers and we also believe an opportunity for PAKA to supply MCG with additional solutions. A true collaborative project. This project is related to the future supply of MIG-MAG welded assemblies to BMW, with state-of-the-art Panasonic welding technology. PAKA has always been an open-door company for MCG, open-minded and focused on collaboratively building new business opportunities.”

– Representative, MCG

This testimony is recognition of the work done by our professionals, and something that motivates us to work hard every day.

MCG has given us the chance to learn, improve and grow over the years, allowing us to achieve very ambitious goals, which will later be recognized by all our customers.

Commitment, innovation and quality are principles that contribute to the growth of the Paka Group and to the strengthening of its commercial relations, both with our customers and with our business partners.

In the future, we want to continue to be a benchmark in the national market in the development and production of automated solutions for industry, contributing to the growth of each and every one of our clients.

To this end, we have established partnerships with top brands with extensive know-how in the latest technologies which, in conjunction with a team of professionals with knowledge and experience, allows us to develop the most appropriate solutions for companies’ needs, in line with market requirements.

We want to be a key ally for those who seek our services. We aim to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client, with high efficiency and profitability, so that they can achieve their productivity, quality and cost reduction goals and, consequently, lead to economic growth for both parties.

Our client’s success is also ours!