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 PAKA GROUP recognizes the importance and necessity of adopting a management system in order to boost its competitiveness and sustainable growth.

 PAKA GROUP is committed to applying the following principles:

  • Developing long-lasting partnerships with its customers by assessing their satisfaction and offering solutions tailored to their needs;
  • Periodically evaluating the management system, encouraging and implementing continuous improvement in the organization;
  • To provide the organization with the necessary means and resources to achieve the defined strategic goals and objectives;
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to their activities;
  • Informing and making its employees and partners aware of the internal rules in place, particularly with regard to Quality and Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work;
  • Fostering and ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for its employees;
  • To safeguard against the risks to people and installations that may arise from the performance of their activities;
  • To encourage employees to take care of their health and safety and to identify and report any unsafe situations;
  • Encouraging the professional development of its employees;
  • Promote the image of PAKA GROUP;

The Management System Policy will be reviewed whenever necessary.

 PAKA GROUP has released the Management System Policy to its employees, and it is available to all interested parties on its website: www.paka.pt