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Project code: CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-022733

Main objective: OT 3 – Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs

Region of intervention: Center


Date of approval: 2016/11/25

Start date: 2016/11/01

Completion date: 2017/10/31

Total eligible cost: 1,531,473 euros

Financial support from the European Union: 1,072,031.10 euros

National/regional public financial support: Not applicableObjectives, activities and expected/achieved results

  1. (1) Internalization of manufacturing processes, through the acquisition of equipment and its installation, relating to machining processes and paint booth processes for parts and their accessories, generating greater profitability, control of the production chain and monitoring of component quality (a crucial factor in sectors such as the automobile, aeronautics, petrochemical, food or robotics industries).
  2. (2) Increased production capacity through the acquisition of advanced technological equipment for welding large and heavy parts (up to 7000mm long x 2200mm wide – and heavier – up to 5 tons).
  3. (3) Introduction of computerized capabilities for design, machining control and budgeting of manufacturing processes, ensuring strong added value in terms of guaranteeing a competitive and profitable price estimate, designing new solutions and increasing the quality of the machining process.
  4. (4) Redefinition of the total production area, by carrying out an architectural and specialties project and building a new industrial pavilion, filling the current restrictions in terms of space and production capacity.

In terms of growth dynamics, PAKA II expects to grow in both the domestic and international markets by the end of the project year (2019). National turnover is expected to reach 665,000 euros in Portugal this year (+149% compared to 2015) and 602,000 euros in foreign markets (+183% compared to 2015), which translates into an estimated Total Turnover of 1.3 million euros.


Project code: CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-044220

Main objective: OT 3 – Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs

Region of intervention: Center


Date of approval: 23-07-2019

Start date: 28-03-2019

Completion date: 27-03-2021

Total eligible cost: 4,368,018.17 euros

Financial support from the European Union: 1,201,205.00 euros.

National/regional public financial support: Not applicable

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results

The project aims to increase production capacity and efficiency by (1) building a new industrial plant and acquiring state-of-the-art technology, (3) internalizing and automating processes, (4) improving energy efficiency, with a view to positioning itself as a supplier to the automotive sector.

The aim of this project is to provide the company with a new infrastructure and new robotic technological resources to ensure the internalization of production processes that have hitherto been subcontracted and the flexibility of the services offered, enabling it to progress up the value chain and grow in the global market.

The strategy is based on four fundamental vectors:

  • Capacity to respond to the market: construction of a new industrial hall and reinforcement of the machinery park;
  • Reduction of subcontracting needs/extension of the value chain: internalization of resistance welding and plasma cutting processes;
  • Optimization of processes: introduction of more digital and more communicative processes that make it possible to monitor the entire production process in real time;
  • Energy efficiency: installation of a photovoltaic system to reduce energy costs and promote environmental sustainability.

It is expected that PAKA II will extend its action in the value chain, enabling the development of differentiating and internationalizable products/services with high added value for the target audience, which is fundamental for consolidating the company’s position in foreign markets.

Publication of the Productive Innovation project, with project code: CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-044220