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Company in the Group dedicated to performing activities of general mechanical locksmithing, metalworking and precision machining, including welding in various alloys, saw (cutting), bending, rectification, drilling, turning, wearing, sharpening, boring, milling, planing, polishing, reaming and flattening.

The company also performs cutting and engraving activities, of/in metals through laser beams, thermal and surface treatments, namely metallization, enamelling, anodizing, galvanizing, polishing, hardening, engraving, trimming, pickling, painting, cleaning, plastification, lacquering, colouring, thermal treatment and other similar metal treatments, performed under subcontracting or task order.


Paka Services owns a Machine Park equipped with high technological capability, directed to the production process in metalworking, robotic welding and precision machining areas, with the capacity to produce, assemble and mill small and large parts.

  • Horizontal CNC machining centre, millesimal positioning, max machining sizes: X = 10 000mm, Y = 2 500mm, Z = 1 300mm;
  • Vertical CNC machining centre, five axis, max machining sizes: 1 520mm, Y= 520mm, Z = 460mm;
  • Turning CNC universal lathe, max machining sizes: X = 275mm, Z = 700mm;
  • Robotic welding equipment, shifter with column, for production of large parts – working area: 7 000mm x Ø 2 200mm;
  • Robotic welding equipment, shifter with column, for serial production of small parts – working area: 3 000mm x Ø 1 200mm;
  • Mechanical lathes for machining size: 1 500mm x 460mm;
  • Manual milling machines;
  • Tube bending machines;
  • Calender rollers with 3 rollers for dimensions up to 1 500mm x 4mm;
  • Vertical circular saws;
  • Hydraulic bending machines;
  • CNC hydraulic guillotine;
  • Semiautomatic rip saw;
  • Milling drills;
  • Miscellaneous saws;
  • Hydraulic punching machine;
  • Hydraulic punching corners machine;
  • Plasma cutting machines;
  • Various manual welding machines (MAG, MIG, TIG);
  • Polishing machines.