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Paka Group Partnership with Education Institutions

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The need for skilled workers in specific areas, namely, in the area of automation and robotics, led to a change in the offer of training solutions, promoting various partnerships and new cooperation strategies between companies, schools and other institutions.

Cooperation between companies and educational institutions delivers immense advantages to both parties. Firstly, because these partnerships allow students to undertake various internships, with the purpose of implementing all the knowledge acquired during their training, thus improving their professional qualification within the area of choice. On the other hand, students will have the opportunity to develop new concepts and techniques, creating innovative solutions, an essential factor for the progress, growth and continuous improvement of the organizations.

It is our opinion that the training of our youth is vitally important and it can make a difference within the national business community. Therefore, we recognize that the learning process in our company will always be enriching, being able to provide new experiences and mutual learning. In this respect, Paka Group has an internship programme in place, developed in order to allow students or recent graduate’s approximation to the needs and realities of the job market.

We want to offer students the chance to improve and specialise, thus contributing to their professional growth. During a certain period, they may have the opportunity to work and learn from specialised and experienced professionals, maintaining a real contact with the robotics and automation industry; later, that may facilitate their insertion in the job market.

Paka’s internship programme is the following:


Curricular Internships

Curriculum Internships are organized by the Education Institutions and an established agreement with our company is required. In most cases, they are included in the course curriculum and is part of its evaluation.

Curriculum Internships have a variable duration, depending on the respective education degree, which may relate to higher education (Licentiate or Bachelor’s degree) or vocational education. However, all students will have the opportunity to put the knowledge attained into practice.


Professional Internship

Professional Internships are planned for recent graduates (Licentiate) who have completed their course and intend to deepen their training through a real work experience. The Professional Internships have a duration of nine months and are financed and managed by Public Institutions. It is foreseen the allocation of an internship grant, to be set in accordance to qualifications’ level, plus meal allowance and accidents at work insurance.

In case you wish to undertake an internship at Paka Group, please send us an email to geral@paka.pt, enclosing your resume and an application letter.