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Ovar, Portugal


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The Company’s facilities are located in Portugal, in a Village called Válega, Aveiro District, with a covered surface divided into two manufacturing units. One is dedicated to machinery and industrial equipment assembly and manufacture, with an area of 1 600m2, and the other, with a total area of 2 400m2, is dedicated to mechanical locksmithing and precision metallurgy activities. During the current year, the Group will continue working with the objective of increasing its production capacity, expanding its current facilities by building a new industrial area with 4 200m2.

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(+351) 256 098 837

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Rua Carvalho de Baixo, nº 1024, 3880-571, Válega Ovar
Gps: 40°51’03.9″N 8°35’43.9″W

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