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Paka stands out by its professional approach and the high quality of its products, constantly looking for process improvement, submitting all products to a complete operational test and respective control, always maintaining the highest environmental care and pollution prevention.

Paka works closely with its official partners, suppliers and customers, seeking to ensure the accurate communication of their needs and an active search for better solutions, maintaining an efficient long-term relationship with the customer.


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Our working strategy is based on the continuous research and development of solutions adapted to each industry sector.

Our mission
Every day, we focus on solving problems, seeking to improve finished products’ process and performance, thus presenting the best robotic solutions across industries.
During the whole process, we provide the necessary technical support, as well as the required technical training, for a greater efficiency and profitability in the use of the equipment/solutions that we deliver.
We favour a customized relationship with our clients as to strengthen the relation of trust, with each one of them.
We focus on anticipating the problems, thus presenting the best solutions. We aim to be future leaders and, as such, we seize all opportunities to further learn, improve and grow.
Constant innovation and enhancement on processes and respective products require continuous improvement of the technical solutions, in accordance to our clients’ expectations.
We preserve an excellent work environment, because we believe that in order to achieve good results, it is crucial that everyone move in the same direction, focused on the same objectives.